Saturday, 19 February 2011 doing Art Textiles

I have been discovering a wonderful new wave of exciting Textile Artists through the new course I am teaching: OCR Textiles Design GCSE. I am really thrilled with the amount of Textile Artists around, and really encouraged that men are becoming more well known for their work in this field too. I am in love with James Hunting's work, which follows a lot of the same processes as my own. I have included a few other artists that I am currently obsessing about too.

Cas Holmes - amazing work, and so much of it to see and fall in love with.

Lastly for now - Sandra Meech, gorgeous layers and lyrical stitch.
I flippin' love Textiles!

...Afternoon tea...

Just wanted to post a picture I took at my Mum's birthday tea. I took her to this gorgeous Art Deco building that used to be a newspaper print room, and is now just called The Print Room.

It is such a beautiful place, and we ate like royalty: finger sanwiches, the most delicious scones with clotted cream and jam, tiny cakes and washed down with masses of the finest tea. We have all decided it will be an anual tradition!
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