Wednesday, 9 May 2012

London Pictures - mash up

Hello Chumblies!
I have been farting around with my photographs lately, the ones I took in London on my last few trips. I absolutely flipping love editing/ processing photos. In days gone by I would lock myself away in the dark room for hours processing black and white film - one day I will do more of that again. For now I use the marvellous Pixlr O Matic and Photobucket (Pixlr O Matic is now the standard photo editing software in Photobucket - yay for me!).
I am trying to get better at uploading my photos to Photobucket before I post them here, it is so much easier...but anyway, that is making you yaaaaaawn right?

I 'mashed up' some images here, see if you can tell what they are (you get no points whatsoever for guessing Graffiti) :


Lush init?

So you may have read the other day that I didn't plan to get a blog post out this week due to workload - well check me out! 3 canvases made and ready for delivery tomorrow, PLUS all my GCSE marking complete. I am now off to get some well earned rest :)

What do you like to photograph?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

words to inspire

Hi all.
Found this today. Simple words that mean a lot and hold me together like glue in the rough times:
startwhereyouare2-1 via this blog but from this one in actual fact.

I am going to be awfully busy this next week so expect me not to be blogging. Lets just say it'll be a small large miracle if I do manage to squeeze out a blog. I will be taking these words with me into next week as I have a shop top-up, GCSE marking and three commissions to push though. But for now, some zeds.

What helps you get through a hectic week?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Travel Art Journal 2

Hi Y'all! Last time I went to London with Olivia on the train we did another Travel Art journal like this one I wrote about before. It was really fun like last time and helped to fill in little bits of time when we would be waiting around with nothing much to do. Olivia wasn't toooo much into it this time but thats ok, just the thoughts that she came up with were awesome, and it was really great to compare techniques and materials.
Here's mine. Olivia's will be up tomorrow. I themed mine as you'll see:

My favorite page is the one that says 'awesome mum powers'.
Which one do you like?

Voting opens today!!!
If you could vote for me here, I could love you forever ♥

I really want to get this camera. I'll be doing a blog-a-day for the month of May to support my application :)

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