Friday, 20 August 2010

...Home Making...

While I am waiting for the delivery of my cushion pads from Ebay (£4.00...Bargain!), I thought I would make some placemats for my table. They are quilt inspired, simple and include the same fabric as my curtains (which I mentioned before, I bought them from a charity shop for £6.00.
I love them!
Then I found a little dish to use for candles that goes really well with the colours. Now I just need to get my cushion pads. Will post more pictures of that later.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I want to live in Etsy!

I recently came accross these images of the Etsy offices, and oh my does it make me happy! It confirms so many things for me, and verifies my thoughts on interior decoration (one day soon I will post some pictures of my home).
I am now more determined than ever to follow my heart, when it comes to my home and not to be swayed by matching furniture, cutlery, plates or anything for that matter! I bow to you Etsy, may you always be true to the principles of beauty over function!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

♥ Getting freaky with fabric ♥

For the last few days I have been up to some lovely sewing. I have some very very tired, over-loved seat cushions for my dining chairs, and as an Artist and Textiles teacher I felt ashamed to look at them...time to take action, it has taken me ages to get around to it (as it does with everthing on the periphery), but I have made a start.
I was inspired by my curtains which I rescued from Oxfam one sunny day in Boscombe (Bournemouth, UK for those of you that haven't the foggiest where that is, it is otherwise known as Bosvegas!) The curtains are this lovely Indian print on turquiose. They are actually made from two bed sheets, and the pillow covers have become part of my quilted seat cover tops (above), see if you can spot it?
My pan is to make 4 seat cushion things, and 6 place-mats, all with some of the Indian fabric. If I have any left I may do napkins...or something else.
My favorite is the one with pink and gold embroidered saree fabric in it. My lovely lovely friend Laura gave that to me before she flew back to Thailand last week.


Today was a busy one...
The sky was busy too, check out the amazing rainbow that turned up!
Oh, and that there is my big baby: Olivia ♥

Le Jardin...

My Garden is one of my favorite places. I went around it today taking pictures of the thins I love in it. I am equally partial to a beautiful weed as I am to my lovely Pansies. I have collections of painted shells and dainty figures, and I love rusty old things to put my plants on.

This year too I have grown produce for the first is soooo exciting! Olivia and I ate out first runner bean raw off the vine, we oooh'd and aaaah'd as the plants progressed from flower to food, from seed to seedling. It has been such an amazing experience for us together. Olivia is a science boffin! She is super geeky about science so I am always looking for ways to help her with it, and the garden has just given us so much this year! We have had so many bugs due to our wildflowers and runner beans, we have fallen in love with gardening and now have bigger and better plans for next year. We still have our carrots and potatoes to look forward to.

The Scribble Project

The Scribble Project

Yesterday was a damp squib of a day, so I decided to use my newly re-installed printer to print me off the Scribble Project page and get on with it.

I have already seen the posts that have been updated to the page, and those that I have seen through Facebook and I was super excited to get was the perfect day for it.

I am really pleased with the finished page, at first I was not sure how to approach it, and in the end decided that watercolour paint in the background would help me to link up all parts of it as well as making it super jazzy!

Now I have to work out how to get it on the Scribble Project page...such a novice!

It must have looked like fun because my 10 year old daughter decided to do it too! (hers is the bottom one).

One day I'll grow up and be..

I have just managed to get my scanner up and running again, and for that matter my printer is back in action! I am fully technologically complete...I am very excited about this as I can now print off the Scribble Project sheet and get to work on it!
This image is one of my abstract prints...I have loads of them, in fact I have loads of artwork, all lovingly stored for that momentous day when I become a famous artist and the world demands my retrospective exhibition with 'previously unseen' work! I can't wait!
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