Monday, 16 July 2012

Last Few Weeks in Pictures

Hey there chums!
I know, I's been ages. I keep getting messages from you all saying 'where have you gone!'. I have been here, and there in spirit, but just not *here*. Life got busy - very busy, and I just didn't have time to write.
I have been taking a lot of pictures though, so lets see what I have been up to:

Enjoying giant daisies. Taking shelter in the rain. Car picnics (more rain). Posh frocks for a party. Degree show inspiration. Organising my Art space. Fire Station open day. Prepping for an interview. The amazing Cable Car in London. View from the Cable Car. Gelato in Leicester Square. Continued love of train station architecture.

Reviewing these  pictures makes the last few weeks look very calm, when in truth it has been manic. Tomorrow I go to Cambodia again, this time for a month. I have had to squeeze a lot of work in before I go, and had to make sure everything was sorted for Olivia (who has gone to her Dads). Take care of the house, car, cat, hamster, see friends, pack for every eventuality and squeeze it all into a backpack (at the moment the contents of which are on my living room floor!). Manic. I cannot wait until tomorrow and I am on my way there, all the work done and I can relax. I will really enjoy the flight if only because I don't have to do anything other than get excited, watch movies and enjoy the amazing service of Singapore Airlines -----> Singapore Slings...hello!! Maybe just one?

So....sorry to literally love you and leave you but there we have it. I'm off again! Good thing is I will come back with gallons of lovely pictures and stories to share with you.
Look after eachother out there.
Much love, me x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Anna's House Part 2

Mornin' you!
It took a while, but I have finally put together the second part of my tour round my friend Anna's house.

This time I am going to focus on the inside, which is just as gorgeous and colourful as her garden. Over the years she has changed things around, added things and taken them away. It has made fascinating viewing over a really long drawn out 'Homes Under the Hammer' (my favorite TV program!).


She has a few different collections around her house, well...some are Dan's (her partner).

Together or seperately, they love all kinds of Comic/ Sci Fi type stuff so there are a lot of little models around looking down at you from shelves (and when you're on the loo). But I love most of all the colourful array of books, or bowls of buttons best.

Some other collections are: robots, bikes, shoes, pottery items - but only if they have something funny or a relevant place name on them, wool - like a LOT of wool, fridge magnets and cool retro phones.

Olivia and I love reading the messages in the kitchen, either in fridge magnets or on the chalkboard. We loved watching their kitchen come alive when they had the whole thing re-done (check out the red grouting in the tiling - Dan gained mastery of the grouting...he is an utter genius with the DIY/Woodcraft skills).

The plants continue inside, in pretty collections.

They have a special 'room' just for bikes. This is never quite enough though, so there are bikes in all kinds of other places too - including the kitchen wall! Yeps, they love bikes...a lot.

Anna and Dan are ridiculously easy to buy presents for. I see things for them all the time and have to stock up for Christmas and Birthdays. I have a crazy amount of love for them and their house. It is a warm and welcoming place and they are such a lovely couple. I hope you have enjoyed looking at it with me :)

Goodbye from Anna's robot key x

Monday, 4 June 2012

A little colour for a grey day...

Good Morrow!
I don't know about where you are but today is grey-yay-yay today here in not-so-sunny Dorset. I am back with my favorite cardigan for my morning blog reading, many cups of tea and thoughts of soup.

What better way to brighten the spirits than to visit my colourful friend Anna. If not in actuality, then via some pictures.

In the school holidays we try and catch up, try not to bitch about our respective schools, and try to drink as much tea as possible and eat scrumy food. Last holidays we had our last friend date, and these pictures are from that time.

Anna's house is crazily full of colour but looks er-mazing. It is so friendly and welcoming. We always joke about when she just moved in and it was full of dado-rails and woodchip - not cool.

She has transformed it with new kitchen, lots of love and of course colour. More pictures of that in Part 2 of Anna's House...maybe tomorrow :)

Our favorite place to hang out in Spring and Summer is always the garden.

Anna is my gardening guru, she plants a lot of produce every year and I am always amazed at her green fingered skills as well as envious of the results she achieves due to her patience and care in the garden.

Her partner has built her an amazing greenhouse - so sweet! Now all the little plant babies have a home and don't have to live all over the kitchen.

We always leave feeling refreshed, energised and full of creativity.

I will post more soon about the inside of Anna's house. You'll love it!
Where do you like to recharge your batteries? x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Where have I you been hiding?

Hey Fwends! It's been a while init? What did I miss?

I have been on a complete break from all things blog for aaaaages due to work commitments, and weekends away. But I am back! At least for today.
Before I read the loooooong backlog of blogs I have missed out on (can't wait) I thought I would share with you some pictures from a weekend just before I disappeared into the space between.

I lost about 150 photographs from my time in Wales as well as others from before I went. I had about 5 blog posts worth of pictures saved on my camera. I was pretty hacked off at first as there was one photo in that set I was so looking forward to posting, you would have loved it *sigh* Grrr! It was totally my fault though.

These are the only photos that remain from the month of May.

I took my daughter and my Converse on a little cycle ride down to the Ferry at Sandbanks. It's about 30 minutes cycle from our house. It was such a beautiful day but still a bit cold. We were so tired when we came home we just fell asleep!

This week I'm on half term so you will see/ hear more of me, that's good for you eh?
I haven't got any concrete plans just yet...have you got anything lined up for the weekend/ week ahead?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

London Pictures - mash up

Hello Chumblies!
I have been farting around with my photographs lately, the ones I took in London on my last few trips. I absolutely flipping love editing/ processing photos. In days gone by I would lock myself away in the dark room for hours processing black and white film - one day I will do more of that again. For now I use the marvellous Pixlr O Matic and Photobucket (Pixlr O Matic is now the standard photo editing software in Photobucket - yay for me!).
I am trying to get better at uploading my photos to Photobucket before I post them here, it is so much easier...but anyway, that is making you yaaaaaawn right?

I 'mashed up' some images here, see if you can tell what they are (you get no points whatsoever for guessing Graffiti) :


Lush init?

So you may have read the other day that I didn't plan to get a blog post out this week due to workload - well check me out! 3 canvases made and ready for delivery tomorrow, PLUS all my GCSE marking complete. I am now off to get some well earned rest :)

What do you like to photograph?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

words to inspire

Hi all.
Found this today. Simple words that mean a lot and hold me together like glue in the rough times:
startwhereyouare2-1 via this blog but from this one in actual fact.

I am going to be awfully busy this next week so expect me not to be blogging. Lets just say it'll be a small large miracle if I do manage to squeeze out a blog. I will be taking these words with me into next week as I have a shop top-up, GCSE marking and three commissions to push though. But for now, some zeds.

What helps you get through a hectic week?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Travel Art Journal 2

Hi Y'all! Last time I went to London with Olivia on the train we did another Travel Art journal like this one I wrote about before. It was really fun like last time and helped to fill in little bits of time when we would be waiting around with nothing much to do. Olivia wasn't toooo much into it this time but thats ok, just the thoughts that she came up with were awesome, and it was really great to compare techniques and materials.
Here's mine. Olivia's will be up tomorrow. I themed mine as you'll see:

My favorite page is the one that says 'awesome mum powers'.
Which one do you like?

Voting opens today!!!
If you could vote for me here, I could love you forever ♥

I really want to get this camera. I'll be doing a blog-a-day for the month of May to support my application :)

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