Saturday, 2 March 2013

Byesie Bye February 2013

Good morrow to you reader :)

This has been one heck of a hectic month! It wasn't supposed to be but by golly it was. I am in the middl of a project that I can't really tell you about right now but will soon, and it is taking up any spare moments I have (and there are never many of those anyway). My February journal suffered somewhat - you'll see that soon. But I kept it going and have started the March one.

Today I thought I would get creative with my random snapshots, using Pixlr Photo Editor image layering tool which is what I use for most of my photos for this blog, to make them all pretty for're welcome dear reader:

 Street signs and student work
 a second hand suitcase and my desk
 me and the snow and outside a window
 spring flowers and a local church
 winter trees and an office sign
 sunset at the beach and art with a friend
looking up and down at the arcade
How was your February?
Love, me x
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