Thursday, 4 April 2013

February Art Journal

I am currently listening to a bit of Radiohead and drinking coffee, and talking to you. Today is grey and cold for April (and I'm sick of saying it). Snow imminent.
What better way to while away an hour or so than to share my February Art Journal with you...there is no better way, and by-the-way I have moved on to candles, incense and Buddha Chants at this point in the blog writing process. Snow is now happening.

For February I wanted to use pink quite a lot, it being the month of Love and you'll see a lot of that. As for last time I wrote about my monthly journal I'll comment below on approaches and materials...


Materials: paint colour strips from B&Q, catalogue cover which was painted in black acrylic an scratched, masking tape, black marker

Materials: collaged papers, black ink

Materials: red and black pen, white acrylic on top of postcard and collage + stitch then scratched

Materials: other peoples shopping lists (I collect these from around supermarkets), stitch, black marker

Materials: pink marker, black marker, blue marker, glitter picked up on  sellotape

Materials: masking tape, black marker, pink marker, graphite pencil, date page, blue pen

Materials: washi tapes, blue marker, black fineliner, tipex

Materials: pink marker, blue pen, keri smith's 100 ideas 

Materials: red pen, photographs, black marker, washi tape, keri smith's 100 ideas

Materials: white acrylic, pencil, pink pen, black marker, black ink and pen, tip ex, tea  label, staples

Materials: tracing paper, ink and pen, date stamp, watercolour paint, grey marker, black marker

Materials: newspaper glued and ripped back, washi tape, grey and pink markers, keri smith's 100 ideas 
Materials: catalogue painted with black acrylic and scratched, washi tapes
 And there we have it...sorry it took so long I have been head first into a major project which I can now reveal to you, lovely reader:

YES!! For reals!!
I got a job in an International school, and we're off in August! I still can't quite believe it and keep having to pinch myself (not literally of course), I am still in shock. I have been thinking about it for many years, dreamed about travelling to SEA since I was a teenager, and after my travels to Cambodia the last few years it became and even more urgent desire. I am so delighted. We both are.
Don't worry, I will still be blogging for as long as I feel like that's what I want to do. I love my blog being something to look back on in years to come as well as interesting for you (of course).

It's Easter break for me, and this week I have done lots of sorting and practice packing (yes, I know...I like to get right on to things like this as soon as possible, there is so much to organise!). I guess for the rest of the time we will hang out, go to the library, have coffee dates and wait out this cold weather. What are your plans?
Love, me x
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