Hi! my name is Nicola. I am a contented and happy (most of the time) Mum, Artist and teacher living on the south coast of the UK. For a while I lived in the Caribbean, it was fun for a while, and I came home with more than just the suitcase I left with.

I started this blog in 2009 and didn't have a clue what I wanted to say - so didn't say all that much. In the last year I have devoted more time to devloping my voice, content and blog-appearance; I'm taking it a lot more seriously 1) because I find it very enjoyable 2) because I love being part of a blog-community 3) because it is a good place to showcase my work for clients and friends and 4) I take a lot of photographs for fun, it makes sense to publish them and write about my influences.

I like to make things:
I make all sorts of things from recycled and vintage fabrics such as cards, jewellery and accessories. I also make wall pieces on canvas using song lyrics. Well, this is what I do right now but the things I make are always changing.

The other side of my making life is a more artistic. I make Installation, Fine Art and Photography pieces that explore very personal or purely abstract themes. Some common themes in my Art are: feminism, family, connection, language, stories, songs, relationships, secrets and the passing of time. Funnily enough I very rarely get the time to explore this side of my making life, as I am a busy lady with an actual job!

I have a beautiful daughter: Olivia, who makes me smile almost every day. We live on our own in a top floor flat with views of trees and far away places. 5 minutes walk from our house is a lovely patch of woodland that winds its way down to the beach where we like to go for walks and occasionally flasks of hot soup on chilly late summer evenings.

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  1. hey! Would you mind e-mailing me? I can't find your address anywhere. :] Got a fun idea for you! Kimxo


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