Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blog Lovin'

I spend a lot of time reading blogs, as I have said before. Today I was inspired to blog about blogs as one of my favorite writers is having a giveaway. This happens a lot I find, in the blod world, people give away amazing things all the time. I always enter, one day I'll win.

::I Might Just Explode::


So let me introduce you to Kara Haupt from I Might Just Explode. She is incredibly beautiful, fantastically talented and downright lovely too. I follow her blog, and Twitter. I have even chatted to her on Twitter as she is a friendly kinda gal.
Her blog inspires me to keep my creativity going. She sometimes shares about how hard it is, and I understand that as it is hard to keep up your creativity and promote yourself as well as meet deadlines.
So check her out. Enter her competition (a large part of the prize is to win art-journal classes she has written) - but if you win I Might Just Explode...haha

::Art Equals Happy::

Next up: Kim Smith from Art Equals Happy.
This is the blog I first became addicted to. Kim doesn't know this but she got me out of a bit of a fug with my Textiles work. Reading her blog gave me courage and determination to believe I can fulfil my dreams of being a successful artist/ maker. Also what I took fom her work is that its ok to mix Art and Craft...this was a big deal for me. I am now happier with my work than I have ever been, and still loooove to read all about her work and life. She will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in London on the 8th October which I am going to take my friend Anna to. I hope I can get a picture of myself with her and get to say thanks in person...eep!


::The Dainty Squid::
Now for a treat - if you are just getting into blogs you must check out Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. I love reading about her adventures and style. She is super cool!
Kaylah is the absolute Queen of 'Outfit Posts' which is where you just blog about what you are wearing. One day I hope to have a better camera so my outfit posts can look as sharp and pretty as hers.

::My Girl Thursday::
Recently I got into a blog by a cool chic called Thursday: My Girl Thursday.

She writes a lot about her obsession with thrifting -- what I call Charity Shopping, and recently she started trying out a Vlog, which showed just how funny she is as well. I talk to her on Twitter, she is super nice and has inspired me to start buying retro cameras!

I got my first Polaroid Swinger in the post today and it cost me £3. Haven't a clue how it works yet but I will find out. It looks just like this one, except mine is cooler just because its mines!

I follow many more than that in both blogs and Twitter, so will save some for later. Check them out, they are the pros! Me x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

...Birthdays and Creative Days...

Today we had a house full: it was Olivia's birthday in the week (she has reached the grand age of 12). We were so busy on her actual birthday that we saved up all out excitment for the weekend.
We started last night with her friend coming over for a sleepover, we had pizza delivered (we never do this!) and we watched 'Arthur'. It was lovely.
Today I had 10 people over for a delicious lunch of Fajitas with all sorts of extra stuff that doesn't seem to go but, did - like houmous, halloumi cheese and guacamole....yum!

You can see my homemade banner a little bit too - upcycled from old papers.

I have been messing about with taking shaky photos on purpose (honest)...and processing them in the free program Pixlr-O-Matic. One of the many online photo editing tools I use, you should give it a go, I am totally addicted!

I have my final delivery of things for Coastal Creatives tomorrow, I will also take some pictures of their display of my pieces to share with you all. I can't wait to see what they have done with them.

I think I know when a product is really good because I don't actually want to let it go, which is how I feel about my baby clips! They are so beautiful...

What are you Wearing?

Today I wore a couple of new purchases and wanted to share as I love how it looks.

Skirt - charity shop £1.00 (originally Zara)
Vest - Olivia's (don't tell her)
Leggings - Tesco £4.99
Cardigan - donated by a friend (originally Zara)
Bracelet - Poundland...£1.00

Need to do something about shoes, as I don't have enough! I was just wearing these flip-flops around the house.
I am reallly loving my fringe, my Mum just cut it for me and it looks so nice. I have managed to work out how to make it look just right with a little pair of straighteners my Mum gave me (I am not the type for fussy hair and am usually so un-girlie about things like straighteners). I like how it looks, I can't imagine not having a fringe.

Apart from all that I have been falling in love with twitter. It is so amazing to be tweeted back from people who I really admire in the blog world, like Kara from I Might Just Explode and Thursday from My Girl Thursday.
Next week should be nice and quiet, no making deadlines or birthdays. Maybe I'll get back to doing some of my sketchbook. What are you up to? Love me x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

All the fun of the Vintage Fayre

Fancied myself as an amateur Fashion Journalist today. Ok, so I was there to sell my wares, but there was some seriously sharp style going on at the 'Vintage Festival' today. Before I tuck my cold toes into bed, thought I would share...

First, this amazingly stylish family, even baby Pearl had the cutest vintage cardi with ickle ducks!

I completely forgot to write down this young lady's (below) name ( I was in the process of buying cake at the time so may I please be forgiven?) I love her edgy rock-chick look. Accessorising was great, she had a huge ring and an awesome feather in her hair.

With hair like that you HAVE to be pulling off some style swagger eh? I love Carmel's bow, like Minnie Mouse ears. And braces: very current. I wish I was brave enough (and would not get fired) for hair like this.

Nicki is from The Cherry Closet, a fast upcoming vintage shop in Pokesdown, Bournemouth. Everyone commented on her gorgeous dress, which is doing its own thing with the tiniest bit of help from the perfect little belt (slightly masculine to tone down some of the 'yeah I'm cute, but you can't call me that!')

It makes me so happy that the yoof of today (the kids, the dudes...whatever) are wearing vintage, or just mixing up their own style (other than wearing black and drawing on their arms). Mary looks so effortless in her outfit, from shoes to bag...perfect, cute and age appropriate.

Last but by no means least is Lily, she is the utter embodiment of my all time movie hero: Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink (Andi). Lily is 16!...there is hope for our world don't you think?
We talked for a while about her skirt which she thinks is a one-off vintage piece, and has pre-raphelite paintings all over it. I love her belt so much, and such a sweet little bag. It was so nice to watch her milling about, adding to her outfit as she found new things (she later sported a straw hat).

It was a fun day, and I met many lovely folk. I am so tired now though...gotta go and dream up some new things to make, and new outfits to put together to keep up with the kids! Me x

Friday, 16 September 2011

More Summer Sketchbook

Here are some more pages from my Summer Sketchbook, which has now become 'My Sketchbook' but these pages are from the summer. This year was a great one for my artwork, the weather was so bad it meant many gloomy days in with cups of tea. making a mess with art materials.

These pages follow on from the last I blogged, a mixture of: sculpture garden with Lisa and baby Amber on a very hot day, booking myself in for various craft fayres that were disasterous, Weight Watchers and booking Olivia in for her cycling proficiency.

The thing you can't really pick up with these pages it that they are cut out in places, maybe I should have photographed them standing up, looking through? I loved this page until later I drew a black pen page and it messed up the man's face on the he looks like he has a rubbish moustache!
This one depicts: cold cold days at the beach in August, more raffles (hoping to hit the jackpot, only one a bottle of ketchup!), treats, and my journey to get work into Coastal Creatives.

Hope you like them...

Seeing as we are on a summer theme, thought I would drop an old picture of little Olivia when we used to live in the Caribbean. This, for me is the ultimate photo of a Caribbean child - so free and happy. She still loves Mangoes so much, even though we have to pay for them these days! This picture fills me with motherly love ♥

My little baby will be 12 next week! She has asked for a Soda Stream machine...I can't wait for her to get it so I can make one (hehe).

This weekend I will be sorting out her birthday requests, working at the It's All Been Done Before Vintage Festival, making final touches to my Coastal Creatives consignment...and maybe I might get time to drink tea, listen to the radio and enjoy some Autumn sunshine. Love, me x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Colour Blocking : Autumn Trend and Makes

I have been soooo busy this weekend making things for the Autumn collection for Coastal Creatives. I was up till far too late last night, slaving over my glue gun to get it all complete, only to go to the shop today and discover it closed! Boo hoo...
So I decided to come home and blog about the gorgeous bright block colours on trend for this Autumn.
I read a LOT of blogs (one day I will blog about the blogs I love hehe), and I really enjoy reading things about fashion and style. I don't really follow a 'trend' as I buy most things second hand and you have to just go with whatever you get with that. But I do need to keep an eye on fashion, I do love it, and it really inspires me, especially trend colours; inspire my making.
So Coastal asked me to make some corsages and wrist-wraps (from previously seen work of mine) in some lovely trend colours. Fab.
I have had fun looking at lots of gorgeous fashion. I adore the site Polyvore, and all the amazing creations there by some really talented folk. So I thought I would post some 'inspiration' from Polyvore on this season's trend: colour blocking...

Unleash Your Inner Rocker with Nicole Miller

Unleash Your Inner Rocker with Nicole Miller by href="">elafashionable featuring leather bags

I love this edgy style, and the hair! Here's another...

Bright Fall Colours

Bright Fall Colours by fashionistlady featuring beaded stretch bracelets

The orange/ blue clash...reminds me of my student years; my flatmate and I painted our kitchen cupboards in these colours! Ouch.

So here's what I came up with in response:

Orange/Blue Corsages

Autumnal Corsages: Grey and Brown trend.

Other Makes - Wristwraps

I love this last image, how it looks like my glasses are disappearing off the page!
So...pop on down to Coastal, not today though as it's closed (did I mention that?) See if you can spot my tasty Textiles.
Now...I must prepare for a Craft Fayre this weekend that I am super excited about, called It's All Been Done Before. Lots of vintage and vintage inspired lovelies.
Oh P.S, before you go...check out this amazing blog, one of the many I am addicted to and can't get enough of! 
Bye x 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Boscombe Arts and Crafts Bazaar

I had such a great time at the Boscombe Arts and Crafts Bazaar on Saturday. I swear I spent the whole day talking to lovely local people and customers, lots of craft was soooo fun!
I had some good sales, and lots of positive feedback which is so nice, as I have been squirreled away all Summer making my products. I came home happy happy happy and full of beans.
The Bazaar is really small at the moment, but its going to be amazing with the backing of Bournemouth Borough Council and Boscombe Regeneration. Special thanks to Bisi Bordley who not only co-organised it but was a fantastic support on the day; setting up the marquee and helping set up the stalls, as well as watching my stall while I went for a quick break. Legend.
I took some pictures of my work, as I am really pleased with the way I set it up.

I used lots of old boxes and a suitcase as props as well as some of my collection of Antique embroidered table linens.

I used a hand mirror for folks to look at themselves, especially useful for earrings I found.

All my packaging is made from recycled card (circulars, leaflets, magazine cover etc), then I add labels with my logo to the front and hey presto, they are ready.
We had some official pictures taken by the Echo...eek! So look out for those if you are local (sorry South Korea).

Tomorrow I am taking a collection of my products to a fabulous little boutique gallery in Southbourne called Coastal Creatives who are interested in stocking a range of exciting!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Summer Sketchbook

This summer I have been working really hard to open up my creativity, make bolder decisions and be more experimental with a wide range of media. This all came about because I attended an amazing workshop for Art Teachers at the Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum (just one of my favorite places to be in the world, and where I learnt to draw with my Art School as a teenager).
The workshop was run by Dave Hulson, and on the day I noticed he had the most beautiful little book with him that he used to record drawings, words, feedback we gave him...anything. I really liked this idea of having a book for EVERYTHING. I have sooo many sketchbooks and I always try and keep one for proper pencil drawing, one for printmaking, one for collages and one for notes and ideas.

So I challenged myself this summer to break out of the sketchbook rut, and get into some of what Dave was discovering. Here are some of the pages I have created this Summer. Sometimes they link together as the pages are cut through.

This is the first page I worked on this method of using it for EVERYTHING, so you can see me making notes about meetings and financial stuff. I remember this day so clearly. It was sooo hot and we were in my friend Anna's garden, testing out her new swing seat. We were trying to work out my pay for next year, and not doing very well with the Maths, but it was fun! We ended up staying for lunch, which her boyfriend cooked and was delicious.
Anna always grows the most beautiful sunflowers, and she is my gardening-guru. I always come away from her house with a new plant to love...

If you look at the left and right sides of this one you can see where it links in on the previous picture. On this day my Mum took us out to lunch at Banana Wharf on Poole Quay. Again, it was scorchingly hot and we felt like we were on holiday in our own town! Such a gorgeous view, and atmosphere there. We are saving it for special treats. In this page as well, you can see my notes on this crazy game I was playing at the start of the Summer. I have been a long time fan of the Myst series of games. I love to get lost in them sometimes. I played the Revelation game at the start of the Summer and it involved lots of codes and sequences, lots of them were visual so I used my book to record them. I really miss the Myst world now.

I will post more pages soon.
Me x
p.s if you check out Dave's blog and have a root around you will find some amazing examples of the books her makes with classes.
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