Friday, 11 October 2013

Since we last spoke...

I have been getting used to a new life in Vietnam: teaching, orienting...a lot of orienting, working out where to get just about everything and then how to get to that thing in a country that speaks very little English, discovering new things and how to get a lot of old things in a new place; very little tourism has happened. I am tired beyond belief, quite homesick looking back at the pictures I have ONLY JUST transferred over to my new system...but utterly astounded and happy to be living and working in Saigon:
the people and places are what I want to share with you today :)

still to come...

the weather 

the lifestyle

the cost of living

and other stuff...

It's good to be back in the Blogsphere. A little piece of my own home in cyberspace.
What have you been doing for the last few months?
Love, me x

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