Friday, 23 December 2011

Today I have a guest stocking from the amazingly amusing Elizabeth Jane Liu, writer of comedy blog: Flourish in Progress. Not entirely sure if she intended it to be comedy but I laugh my pants off at each and every post she writes. She is also a genuinely lovely lady, and sent out funny fridge magnets to all her followers a while ago - and I got one! Perfect as I collect them. I didin't intend for it to be used as a prop to my life, but last week found my daughter held it up to me with a wry grin after I had put the milk in the oven by mistake. (The caption on it reads 'I need protection from myself').

Here she is with her beautiful daughter, Cal.

So here are Elizabeth's Christmas Wishes - can you guess what they are?

I hope you get all your wishes in 2012, remember to make some, and if possible visualise them.

x x Merry Christmas y'all x x

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