Sunday, 3 June 2012

Where have I you been hiding?

Hey Fwends! It's been a while init? What did I miss?

I have been on a complete break from all things blog for aaaaages due to work commitments, and weekends away. But I am back! At least for today.
Before I read the loooooong backlog of blogs I have missed out on (can't wait) I thought I would share with you some pictures from a weekend just before I disappeared into the space between.

I lost about 150 photographs from my time in Wales as well as others from before I went. I had about 5 blog posts worth of pictures saved on my camera. I was pretty hacked off at first as there was one photo in that set I was so looking forward to posting, you would have loved it *sigh* Grrr! It was totally my fault though.

These are the only photos that remain from the month of May.

I took my daughter and my Converse on a little cycle ride down to the Ferry at Sandbanks. It's about 30 minutes cycle from our house. It was such a beautiful day but still a bit cold. We were so tired when we came home we just fell asleep!

This week I'm on half term so you will see/ hear more of me, that's good for you eh?
I haven't got any concrete plans just yet...have you got anything lined up for the weekend/ week ahead?


  1. I will never cease to be jealous of your seaside existence! haha :) Completely feel your pain regarding lost photos though - I've had two rolls of film come back blank and it's broken my little heart! Sigh. Some things will only exist as memories! Onwards! Happy Half term! I have a letter to put in the post for you - can't promise when it'll arrive due to the double bank holiday! Have a lovely weekend! Axx

    1. Haha Amy...sorry for showing off my seaside home so blatantly! You are always welcome to come and visit my liddle blog-chum :) Will look forward to your letter x N x

    2. Haha! You're forgiven! It's so pretty! :D I may well take you up on that one day!! :D Ax


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