Monday, 16 July 2012

Last Few Weeks in Pictures

Hey there chums!
I know, I's been ages. I keep getting messages from you all saying 'where have you gone!'. I have been here, and there in spirit, but just not *here*. Life got busy - very busy, and I just didn't have time to write.
I have been taking a lot of pictures though, so lets see what I have been up to:

Enjoying giant daisies. Taking shelter in the rain. Car picnics (more rain). Posh frocks for a party. Degree show inspiration. Organising my Art space. Fire Station open day. Prepping for an interview. The amazing Cable Car in London. View from the Cable Car. Gelato in Leicester Square. Continued love of train station architecture.

Reviewing these  pictures makes the last few weeks look very calm, when in truth it has been manic. Tomorrow I go to Cambodia again, this time for a month. I have had to squeeze a lot of work in before I go, and had to make sure everything was sorted for Olivia (who has gone to her Dads). Take care of the house, car, cat, hamster, see friends, pack for every eventuality and squeeze it all into a backpack (at the moment the contents of which are on my living room floor!). Manic. I cannot wait until tomorrow and I am on my way there, all the work done and I can relax. I will really enjoy the flight if only because I don't have to do anything other than get excited, watch movies and enjoy the amazing service of Singapore Airlines -----> Singapore Slings...hello!! Maybe just one?

So....sorry to literally love you and leave you but there we have it. I'm off again! Good thing is I will come back with gallons of lovely pictures and stories to share with you.
Look after eachother out there.
Much love, me x

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