Saturday, 19 January 2013

Feet around Cambodia Summer 2012

Hello Fwends!
I am sorry I have been away for so long. I have been working very hard, moving house, inbetween photo-editing software and generally being busy. I am back now, and for your delight I have a photo project I worked on whilst in Cambodia last summer. Last I spoke to you I was about to jet off to work on community projects and generally learn-it-up about Cambodia. I am lucky enough to be doing this as part of my teaching job, so I get to see the whole thing through the eyes of some often awkward, sometimes ambivalent and frequently hilarious teenagers.

I had the most amazing time, saw and heard and experienced life-altering things so far from the familiar. I am sure I will share some of these things with you in time, but for now...hope you are not offended by feet, if you are back away now!

on the plane:in singapore:arrival at camp beng mealea:beng mealea temple:at the tuk lek primary school:outside my hut:work shorts:work boots: trekking trousers:home of buddhism 1:home of buddhism 2:national museum:jungle resturant:angkor wat:rainy day:national museum:wat pho:s21:phnom penh:on a bus:jungle resting place:ta prohm:phnom kulen temple:phnom kulen trek:elephant pond:my sanctuary:resting weary feet:yaa's house:lush greenery of the rainy season.

I tarted these photos up using Pixlr photo editor, I love it. I hate Photobucket which always makes my laptop freeze. I won't even tell you how long this post took to put together due to awkwardness. I am glad to be back sharing things though. I had a thought a while ago that its pretty self indulgent, all this blogging lark, but looking back at all my posts makes me see it more as a visual journal. It's something lovely to look back at and treasure, and if people find things in it they like that's pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading till the end of this mighty long post...
me x


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