Friday, 22 February 2013

Words to Inspire

How goes it with you?
I am in quite a reflective mood today. I am in this mood quite a lot actually, I am a very self-reflective and evaluative person. It is both a weakness and a strength, mostly a strength, but sometimes I wish I could be on auto-pilot and not have to process every action and emotion.

It makes me very happy to go on Pinterest and gather up some inspirational words, snippets of wisdom passed from person to person as our elders would have done in the past, and something which is gaining a resurgence in modern popular culture - the quote. Be it song lyric, ancient spiritual, or ancestor...there are any words out there to keep us afloat.

I find that these little chunks of worldly wisdom, scribbled into a book, journal or printed out and pinned on the wall, help to keep me grounded and focused on my goal - to be a spiritually enlightened and evolved human being.

Here are some of my favorite quote from my Pinterest board 'Inspirational Quotes', layered over some photographs my daughter and I took on a night walk at the beach. These are distant lights photographed with movement, on a evening when we were both feeling stuck, static and needed to break free and spend time with the sea and stars:

Do you have a favorite quote that brings you comfort, strength or inspiration?
Love, me x

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