Monday, 3 June 2013

Young Blood


Loves shakes and smoothies, bike rides to the beach.

Talking about big things, acting stupid at the park.

Finding ripe berries, watching herself grow up.

Bedtime tuck-ins and long talks of plans.

She is my everything and without her I would have achieved nothing.
She is my driving force, my comfort blanket and my home.

I'm glad she is with me for the journey, here's to the next chapter kiddo!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tory...I really enjoyed writing this post that has been rattling around the brainbox all week. It's hard work raising kids but boy are the rewards massive! x x

  2. I am very excited about being a mum some day, though it seems very far away right now! I hope to as good a job as you seem to have done!!

    1. Hey Amy...I am sure you will. I struggle a lot at times, I'm pretty sure most parents do. I just keep trying, lots of listening, baby makes it so easy for me though, she's awesome! x x

  3. Aw I miss you both so much! xx
    Love, Laura Edwards

    1. we miss you too sweetie!! See you in the summer and maybe you can come visit one day? xxx


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