Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Charity Shoppee!

Olivia is with her Dad for the day. What better thing to do than to go Charity Shopping. OF COURSE it was meant to be for fabrics for my work (more later about my involvment with the Boscombe Art and Craft Bazaar)...but it turned into a day to shop for Meeee!

Sometimes I go Charity Shopping and find NADA, and then...there are the sweet magical times when things are flying off the racks shouting 'Take me home!' Well, that is what they say to me anyhoo.

Sharing the joy here, as I hope it will encourage more people to get out there and rummage. I find it thrilling to say the least when I find something beautiful, my heart literally raced today when I found an old cigar box full of black and white photos and old postcards...sweet! Similarly my heart skipped a beat when I found an 80s Chelsea Girl dress...oh joy!

First up, the dresses I found:

Clockwise from top left:
M&S dress - £3.00
80s Dorothy Perkins dress - £1.00
Unidentified red number (not sure about this one) - £1.00
Unidentified Khaki number (for work probs) - £1.00

And some more:

Clockwise from top left:
80s Chelsea Girl dress (can't see detail but it is sooo pretty with belt and little turned cap sleeves) - £3.50
Zara tiny cress (need to be a tad thinner for this one me thinks!) - £1.00
Unidentified black tunic (for work) - £1.00
My outfit today - Dress Primark sale £5.00, Cardi - old Charity purchase with new buttons (all different colours), Asda shoes (again) - £4.00

And some Top Tops:

Left to right:
Polka Dot Banana Republic - for work £1.50
Next vest top - for travelling £1.00
Vintage Gap Tee (cute print) - £1.00
Wallis Blue wide neck top - £1.00

In total I spent £30, and there is more than photographed here; some 5 pairs of earrings and a bunch of bangles as well as one top which won't slide up my chubby arms (Grr). Oh, and 2 polka-dot ties that I actually WILL make into something for the Bazaar. So there you go, I spent one out of thirty pounds on what I set out to...sigh, I wonder if I can wear ALL my dresses to bed tonight!

I did plan to do loads of other stuff today but I think I'm gonna head out on my bike for a ride to the beach. Love me x

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  1. What a great blog, hon. xx



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