Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fringe Benefits

Against all better judgement I have attacked my own fringe. Every time I go to my hairdressers I say the same thing: please give me a thick blunt fringe. What do I get: a whispy graduated fringe!
I have taken matters into my own hands, obviously £45 isn't enough money to get the haircut you actually want.
I loves it!
Here I am sporting one of my elasticated headscarves (more of them below), and a new (old) cardigan that I bought yesterday for £3.00 at the Charity shop. I am actually in my pjs...but don't tell anyone!

This morning I took some photos of the latest work I have been producing for the Boscombe Art and Craft Bazaar and the It's All Been Done Before Vintage Festival, both in September. Both of which I am buzzing about, getting my stall ready for it's debut proper...nervous too. Make sure you come down and support me with hugs!
Below: elasticated headscarved, earrings, bracelet and brooch - all from second hand and RE:Loved fabrics.

This weekend is all about -
  • making more of the same: stocking up on product whith whatever time I have!
  • dressing up in my NEW vintage finds from the Charity shops (yes I have even more)
  • working in my Art Journal (maybe post some pictures of this next week)
  • hanging out with Olivia - maybe a beach picnic with a hot flask of tea (its a bit windy down there)
  • plus an old, old friend has a plan to come and visit...but I will only believe it when I see her. Fingers crossed!

What are you up to?

Me x

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