Monday, 22 August 2011

Working on new stuff...

I haven't posted anything in ages init!
I have been reading a whole lotta blogs tho'. Other than that I have been putting a lot of effort into all things creative. And as it happens I will have more time next academic year as I am going back to part time hours. I am really excited about this as I really want to make a go of my Textiles and Art stuffs.
I have had lots of interest in my work this summer, and am just taking time to find the right outlets/ initiatives to get involved in that best suit me and my lovely makings.

Here are some pictures of me working on some head scarves in my 'studio'...a corner of my dining room.

And some pictures of my busy busy workspace! Which looks kinda calm and tidy here...

My poor old Janome, it takes more abuse off me than anyone or anything.

Here is a picture of the finished Headscarves - made with the help of a tutorial via
SayyestoHaboken's blog...maybe one day when I know how to link stuff in, I can give her props! (Update...I did it!)

What are you wearing?
I thought I would post some pictures of my outfits occasionally. I have always found people comment on the clothes I wear, they want to tell me I look nice or ask me where I got something, so here I is:
Dress - Primark £6.00
Short sleeved cardi - Charity shop £1.99
Shoes - Asda £4.00
Head band - made it myself!

I am the bargain hunt Queen! More sooner x

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