Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Long time no Blog...

It seems like ages since I last shared any of the world with you, and even though I am utterly exhausted as I write this I wanted to bring you an update. Firstly, I am in love, well it is a Re:Love of someone I discovered a couple of years ago: Jess Chorley.
I came across her work again whilst reading the fantabulous and completely luscious Oh Comely magazine that I spotted whilst out shopping with my new creative friend Rosie.




I can only dream of making work like this, actually scrap that because I have in the past...perhaps I should dream of a day when I can make work like this again! Sometimes I miss the creative buzz of Art College...I should say ALL the time.
But guess what? I have created a little Art School community of friends who keep my ideas flowing. I love long conversations about print techniques, or new materials and processes...I am well nerdy for Art and Design.

In other news: Renegade was amazing and I got to meet the super talented Kim Smith (EEp!), and get a picture with her (as well as deliver her a little pressie from me). I went with my friend Anna and we decided that Kim's was the most creative and inspiring space on the day, lots of other things were a bit manufactured: plastics and wood. But hey, this is the first London Renegade so lots of room to grow and attract new makers. I will do a properly long post on that day and also the Knitting and Stitching show which was so inspirational...wow, I did 3 London trips in 3 days, and came home to sunny Poole each day.
Which is probably why I am so tired now.

Brick Lane was so beautiful, in an urban-messed-up kinda way. I took a bajillion photographs while poor Anna waited patiently...here are a few. I could have taken three million squillion. I was literally taking baby steps and snap snap snapping:

I adore the textures, the random placement. In fact the banner for this blog is taken rom my sketchbook, in which I worked with similar photographs in collage form. I am fascinated at how things look through the viewfinder, how I can select an area with perfect composition, out of randomness. This has always been my passion in art. All this will translate into later work.
What are you working on?
Love me x

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