Thursday, 20 October 2011


I am beyond excited about my trip to Cambodia on the 22nd. It is just for one week, with a further trip next summer for four weeks.
I am almost packed...I have no idea what I will wear so I have put together the weirdest assortment of clothes! I do have all the important things, like Immodium and a head torch...and lots of money for shopping and treats.
I will be visiting temples like these -

Since I was a teenager I have been interested in world religions, especially Buddhism and Hinduism. I have long wanted to visit Asia, and have never managed to afford it so far. I am so grateful for the chance to see it - and for free!

 Of course I am going to take millions of photos, and I will be taking my sketchbook with me too. So when I get back I will be sharing the sights and finds I discovered there, as well as what I managed to sketch and bring back.

This could be me in a couple of days!

As well as obviously having an amazing time seeing Cambodia, I will be visiting some projects that students from my school will be helping with next year: two of those are an orphanage and a school.

I have been collecting pencils at my school to take to the Cambodian children...I have a LOT, it's a good job I am packing light for a one week trip. When we go back next year I will take them something else, but I need to meet them first to find out what they need. A girl came up to me today with her own pencil, and said 'this is for the Cambodian children Miss'!
A technician at my school brought in pencils donated from her own children, one of which had gone out to buy some after she told him about the children and how they have very little. It has made me incredibly happy to see how generous people can be, how thoughtful; and it has felt great to be a part of something so simple but I know it will be effective.

 So, I will fill you in on my return. Have a good week - love, me x

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