Sunday, 2 October 2011


Refections are my favorite. At the moment we are having some unseasonably warm weather, and bright bright sunshine. Autumn sunshine seems to come in from an angle that makes photography just that bit more magical.
I have long moaned about my need for a better camera, my photography deserves one! But until I can get a new camera I will learn to cherish, adore and no doubt abuse the current crappy camera I own. At the moment I use a Pentax digital thing that has cost me more money in batteries than a Canon EOS (the coveted brand). But sometimes it does brilliant things, or the world just does brilliant things and it captures them without effing it all up.
I also use mobile cameras - my Blackberry one is so bad, and I use an old Nokia phone which has a good little camera on it and a self timer option.
I am the Queen of 'Make-Do' when it comes to most things and cameras are no exception....clearly.
Here are some pictures I took on a very sunny day in Southbourne last week:

I have taken many pictures of reflective surfaces over the last few years, I get so excited about it. On this day the light was so good I was taking a picture at almost every step!
I have always loved shop windows, displays, signage and shop lettering. I found a really cool old front style on a shop on this day too, gorgeous:

What do you like to photograph?
Me x

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