Sunday, 27 January 2013

Art Journal - Freestyle it - DIY

Hey co-creators!
Today I will be sharing with you my new Art Journalling fad for 2013, and how to get started yourself. I have shown my January book to all my friends and even some students and they all have very positive things to say...that means its time to share it with the rest of y'all cos you might like it too ( I know how creative you all are).

1. an inside page
2. inside front cover resolution - I intend to write monthly goals in mine
3. back cover
4. front cover with quote for the month

So...for this journal I actually intend to make a new one each month. I decided on this after sitting down with my usual notebook style Art Journal to write resolutions and felt really uninspired, and it just came to me: make your own! I decided to set some limits (well more like limit - as there is only one)

- choose 10 different pieces of paper plus a piece of stiffer card for the cover. (Pictures 2 +3)

I will show you how I am putting together my February book:

Once you have your book together, staple one side (picture 4) - put quite a few staples in there as you will need it to stay together.

I then cover the staples with tape (picture 1) as mine seem to be quite sharp but you could leave them showing if you like the look.

the other 'rule' I would say although it isn't really it's just nice and sets the mood/ intention for your book is:

- use a quote for the front cover from a song/ poem or book.

1. Travel Art Journal Kit - my journals are always made to fit inside
2. My favorite quote book
3. You can see al my junk in here
4. Quote I might use for February cover

And that's're off!

Here are some pictures of my travel Art Journal kit which I take with me everywhere:

A. Clear plastic case - I bought this on Ebay for £2 it just pops closed and keeps everything in, it also slides in and out of my handbag easily
B. Watercolour pencils or a pencil tin - good to keep pencils in and to stick tape to for later use
C. Drink stirrers - I think I collect these and have no use for them as yet
D. Glue - got to be Pritt Stick, various pens and pencils (these change all the time but must include - at least 2b pencil, biro, felt tips, marker pen, paint brush)
E. Date stamp and ink pad - bought in Cambodia
F. Mini stapler - also from Cambodia
G. Tape - this is the matte type - from poundland
H. reliable scissors and I usually have a craft knife too.

I will be sharing more of thos project as the year progresses :)
Have fun peoples,
Love, me x


  1. Wow! I'm going to have to give this a try. This totally inspires me!!!

  2. Hey thanks dude...its so great to hear that I have inspired you. I get inspired by others all the time too, you should email me a link if you have a blog too or use Pinterest? :)


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