Saturday, 26 January 2013

What I Wore - January Sunshine

Yo dreamers and weavers!
The sun did shine today and oh was it glorious, the weather was positively balmy for the time of year. I was out early to Weight Watchers (lost 5lb...oh yeyah), where I help out at the shop. It was supremo-ly busy today as it always is in January, and I was rushed off my boots.

I had my daughter with me today, and asked her if she would take some outfit shots for me, and she they are:

We was just messin' about taking these but I really loved this outfit today, it's nothing special or fancy but comfy and cute.
Cardigan - charity shop £1
Buddah T Shirt - Cambodia $2
Skirt - Car Boot Sale 50p
Scarf - Artisans D'Angkor $4
Leggings - Primark £3
Boots - Ebay £5
My hair has been fun this week as I have become super addicted to Pinterest, and have been looking at things to with my hair other than messy bun (standard hair-do for the past 8 years). I now love twisting and plaiting and teasing and pinning my hair into new styles. I might get it cut soon though so if you check out my 'Hair' board, you can see some styles I's be thinkin' of.
Liv and I had a lovely one, cleaned out flat all nice, watched a bit od Superscrimpers and went out to Wagamamas for dinner - oh Lord, if you have never tried the Chili Squid I can heartily recommend it to be divinely yummy. We came home on the bus, then spent an hour looking at English Degree courses for Olivia's fun! I love a plan. Now I am typing this, sitting in my Christmas PJs in my lovely warm flat, looking forward to a snuggle up in my clean sheets - ah simple pleasures!
So how was your Saturday?
See you soon chumblies x

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