Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blog Lovin'

I spend a lot of time reading blogs, as I have said before. Today I was inspired to blog about blogs as one of my favorite writers is having a giveaway. This happens a lot I find, in the blod world, people give away amazing things all the time. I always enter, one day I'll win.

::I Might Just Explode::


So let me introduce you to Kara Haupt from I Might Just Explode. She is incredibly beautiful, fantastically talented and downright lovely too. I follow her blog, and Twitter. I have even chatted to her on Twitter as she is a friendly kinda gal.
Her blog inspires me to keep my creativity going. She sometimes shares about how hard it is, and I understand that as it is hard to keep up your creativity and promote yourself as well as meet deadlines.
So check her out. Enter her competition (a large part of the prize is to win art-journal classes she has written) - but if you win I Might Just Explode...haha

::Art Equals Happy::

Next up: Kim Smith from Art Equals Happy.
This is the blog I first became addicted to. Kim doesn't know this but she got me out of a bit of a fug with my Textiles work. Reading her blog gave me courage and determination to believe I can fulfil my dreams of being a successful artist/ maker. Also what I took fom her work is that its ok to mix Art and Craft...this was a big deal for me. I am now happier with my work than I have ever been, and still loooove to read all about her work and life. She will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in London on the 8th October which I am going to take my friend Anna to. I hope I can get a picture of myself with her and get to say thanks in person...eep!


::The Dainty Squid::
Now for a treat - if you are just getting into blogs you must check out Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. I love reading about her adventures and style. She is super cool!
Kaylah is the absolute Queen of 'Outfit Posts' which is where you just blog about what you are wearing. One day I hope to have a better camera so my outfit posts can look as sharp and pretty as hers.

::My Girl Thursday::
Recently I got into a blog by a cool chic called Thursday: My Girl Thursday.

She writes a lot about her obsession with thrifting -- what I call Charity Shopping, and recently she started trying out a Vlog, which showed just how funny she is as well. I talk to her on Twitter, she is super nice and has inspired me to start buying retro cameras!

I got my first Polaroid Swinger in the post today and it cost me £3. Haven't a clue how it works yet but I will find out. It looks just like this one, except mine is cooler just because its mines!

I follow many more than that in both blogs and Twitter, so will save some for later. Check them out, they are the pros! Me x

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