Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fabric Shops

Hello you...
I have been taking a bit if a break from online activities for the last week or so. I got busy in my 'real' life and was finding it hard to get a healthy balance. I'm feeling much better now you'll be glad to know, after much rest and many early nights I have a few blogs lined up from my time away :)

Fabric shops are like sweet shops for me. I want to have everything and can never decide what I actually need or want. I sometimes forget completely what I went in for, only to come out with some spangly thread or gorgeous printed cotton and a dress pattern.
I found a new shop recently. The Treasure House in Southbourne. It was a beautiful day so I thought I'd capture the juicy colours and eye-candy of the products on display.

I love this one above of all the eyes. Makes me want to buy all of them and attach eyes to everything!
Have you got any local shops that sell weird and wonderful things?

Love, me x

p.s - I had orders for three commissions this week for my canvas hearts. I am so happy to have come up with a product that people want to buy. The latest one I am making is to include some fabric from the wedding/ bridesmaid dresses, can't wait!


  1. oh my word, that place looks like heaven! Fabric shops are some of my most favorite places in the world :)

    1. Me too! I am equally in love with Art shops but Fabric shops have so much stuff crammed in :)

  2. Hi Nix thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog ...couldn't find an email for you ....this looks like a yummy shop .....i had a student a couple of years ago whose parents were puppeteers and she gave me a HUGE bundle of glass eyes on stalks was amazing I got my son to make a ring out of one of the Teddy bear's eyes...anyhow we do the AQA board for GCSE Textile Art but unfortunately have just been made redundant and I leave (or am pushed !!) on April 30th so this may well be my last GCSE class you teach technology I used to do the OCR board when I taught technology .......x

    1. That sounds like an eerie-ly weird yet cool ring! I keep reading about your son on your blog, he seems pretty cool. I love reading about your adventures and creations :) We do OCR Textiles Art, it's art + Design GCSE. Shame about your job...that is dreadful! Not enough emphasis is placed on creative subjects in my opinion. So what now for you??
      And thank you for stopping by my blog x N x


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