Monday, 12 March 2012

New things in the shop

Hey y'all.
Last week I dropped off the biggest heart I have made so far! I haven't even measured it but it is BIG. (must get better at measuring, photographing, logging - note to self).

It is such a pretty piece and I am really proud and thankful to Coastal who helped me with the colours and sizing. Things are selling like little heart shaped hot-cakes down there and I am soon to launch the canvases in my Etsy shop (just as soon as I get this measuring bit down). May take me a couple of weeks to sort that out but eventually I will get them online. They have sold all but two of my Heart Lyric Cards, so I did a major re-stock of those and as I walked in Rachel said 'oh we just sold one of your canvases this morning'! Eepsters! I get so excited thinking about my little artworks going home with a lovely new owner :]

Here are some peeks of the latest pieces.

These are some of my Mothers Day hearts.
What are you doing for Mothers Day?
Love, me x 


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the "you are my sunshine" canvas! Seriously pretty. I hope you're having a good week! I'm off to a university interview today... Am a littlllle bit nervous! Xx

    1. Ahhhh...goodest luck Miss Amy, you'll smash it! Thank you for liking my work, it is always good to get positive feedback, specially when it's from someone you 'respec' (said in best gangsta voice)...x n x


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