Monday, 5 March 2012

Coffee Dates - time to do girltalk

Hello blog chums!

I love it when I have a little bit of extra money to take my daughter (12) out for a coffee and a girltalk about life/ worries/ silly stuff. It is my absolutely favorite thing to do, which is good because I think it is HER favorite thing to do too.
We have many favorite places to get out coffee-on. Last week we stopped off at Red Rooster in Ashley Cross to soak in the retro/ American vibe.

Things we love about coffee dates: sharing a warm scone, real butter, teeny pots of jam, sachets of sugar (or better still sugar cubes), good music, funky design, reading material, snuggling up, quiet moments.

Things we love to chat about: boys, friends, big ideas about existence and God, poetry, art, human spirit, life lessons, silly in-jokes, working out what other people are like in the coffee shop, and Olivia's favorite question - 'what would you do if...?

I'm going for coffee with a friend tomorrow in a new place. I'll report back soon chumblies!
Where do you get your coffee-on?
Love, me x

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