Sunday, 18 September 2011

All the fun of the Vintage Fayre

Fancied myself as an amateur Fashion Journalist today. Ok, so I was there to sell my wares, but there was some seriously sharp style going on at the 'Vintage Festival' today. Before I tuck my cold toes into bed, thought I would share...

First, this amazingly stylish family, even baby Pearl had the cutest vintage cardi with ickle ducks!

I completely forgot to write down this young lady's (below) name ( I was in the process of buying cake at the time so may I please be forgiven?) I love her edgy rock-chick look. Accessorising was great, she had a huge ring and an awesome feather in her hair.

With hair like that you HAVE to be pulling off some style swagger eh? I love Carmel's bow, like Minnie Mouse ears. And braces: very current. I wish I was brave enough (and would not get fired) for hair like this.

Nicki is from The Cherry Closet, a fast upcoming vintage shop in Pokesdown, Bournemouth. Everyone commented on her gorgeous dress, which is doing its own thing with the tiniest bit of help from the perfect little belt (slightly masculine to tone down some of the 'yeah I'm cute, but you can't call me that!')

It makes me so happy that the yoof of today (the kids, the dudes...whatever) are wearing vintage, or just mixing up their own style (other than wearing black and drawing on their arms). Mary looks so effortless in her outfit, from shoes to bag...perfect, cute and age appropriate.

Last but by no means least is Lily, she is the utter embodiment of my all time movie hero: Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink (Andi). Lily is 16!...there is hope for our world don't you think?
We talked for a while about her skirt which she thinks is a one-off vintage piece, and has pre-raphelite paintings all over it. I love her belt so much, and such a sweet little bag. It was so nice to watch her milling about, adding to her outfit as she found new things (she later sported a straw hat).

It was a fun day, and I met many lovely folk. I am so tired now though...gotta go and dream up some new things to make, and new outfits to put together to keep up with the kids! Me x

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  1. I think we were at the same event! it sure looks like Ringwood fair yesterday! I have posted a blog about the same event- as its my first blog I am desperate for someone to read it!!:-))
    My daughter is a textile teacher, small world!



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