Monday, 12 September 2011

Colour Blocking : Autumn Trend and Makes

I have been soooo busy this weekend making things for the Autumn collection for Coastal Creatives. I was up till far too late last night, slaving over my glue gun to get it all complete, only to go to the shop today and discover it closed! Boo hoo...
So I decided to come home and blog about the gorgeous bright block colours on trend for this Autumn.
I read a LOT of blogs (one day I will blog about the blogs I love hehe), and I really enjoy reading things about fashion and style. I don't really follow a 'trend' as I buy most things second hand and you have to just go with whatever you get with that. But I do need to keep an eye on fashion, I do love it, and it really inspires me, especially trend colours; inspire my making.
So Coastal asked me to make some corsages and wrist-wraps (from previously seen work of mine) in some lovely trend colours. Fab.
I have had fun looking at lots of gorgeous fashion. I adore the site Polyvore, and all the amazing creations there by some really talented folk. So I thought I would post some 'inspiration' from Polyvore on this season's trend: colour blocking...

Unleash Your Inner Rocker with Nicole Miller

Unleash Your Inner Rocker with Nicole Miller by href="">elafashionable featuring leather bags

I love this edgy style, and the hair! Here's another...

Bright Fall Colours

Bright Fall Colours by fashionistlady featuring beaded stretch bracelets

The orange/ blue clash...reminds me of my student years; my flatmate and I painted our kitchen cupboards in these colours! Ouch.

So here's what I came up with in response:

Orange/Blue Corsages

Autumnal Corsages: Grey and Brown trend.

Other Makes - Wristwraps

I love this last image, how it looks like my glasses are disappearing off the page!
So...pop on down to Coastal, not today though as it's closed (did I mention that?) See if you can spot my tasty Textiles.
Now...I must prepare for a Craft Fayre this weekend that I am super excited about, called It's All Been Done Before. Lots of vintage and vintage inspired lovelies.
Oh P.S, before you go...check out this amazing blog, one of the many I am addicted to and can't get enough of! 
Bye x 

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