Sunday, 25 September 2011

...Birthdays and Creative Days...

Today we had a house full: it was Olivia's birthday in the week (she has reached the grand age of 12). We were so busy on her actual birthday that we saved up all out excitment for the weekend.
We started last night with her friend coming over for a sleepover, we had pizza delivered (we never do this!) and we watched 'Arthur'. It was lovely.
Today I had 10 people over for a delicious lunch of Fajitas with all sorts of extra stuff that doesn't seem to go but, did - like houmous, halloumi cheese and guacamole....yum!

You can see my homemade banner a little bit too - upcycled from old papers.

I have been messing about with taking shaky photos on purpose (honest)...and processing them in the free program Pixlr-O-Matic. One of the many online photo editing tools I use, you should give it a go, I am totally addicted!

I have my final delivery of things for Coastal Creatives tomorrow, I will also take some pictures of their display of my pieces to share with you all. I can't wait to see what they have done with them.

I think I know when a product is really good because I don't actually want to let it go, which is how I feel about my baby clips! They are so beautiful...

What are you Wearing?

Today I wore a couple of new purchases and wanted to share as I love how it looks.

Skirt - charity shop £1.00 (originally Zara)
Vest - Olivia's (don't tell her)
Leggings - Tesco £4.99
Cardigan - donated by a friend (originally Zara)
Bracelet - Poundland...£1.00

Need to do something about shoes, as I don't have enough! I was just wearing these flip-flops around the house.
I am reallly loving my fringe, my Mum just cut it for me and it looks so nice. I have managed to work out how to make it look just right with a little pair of straighteners my Mum gave me (I am not the type for fussy hair and am usually so un-girlie about things like straighteners). I like how it looks, I can't imagine not having a fringe.

Apart from all that I have been falling in love with twitter. It is so amazing to be tweeted back from people who I really admire in the blog world, like Kara from I Might Just Explode and Thursday from My Girl Thursday.
Next week should be nice and quiet, no making deadlines or birthdays. Maybe I'll get back to doing some of my sketchbook. What are you up to? Love me x

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