Monday, 5 September 2011

Boscombe Arts and Crafts Bazaar

I had such a great time at the Boscombe Arts and Crafts Bazaar on Saturday. I swear I spent the whole day talking to lovely local people and customers, lots of craft was soooo fun!
I had some good sales, and lots of positive feedback which is so nice, as I have been squirreled away all Summer making my products. I came home happy happy happy and full of beans.
The Bazaar is really small at the moment, but its going to be amazing with the backing of Bournemouth Borough Council and Boscombe Regeneration. Special thanks to Bisi Bordley who not only co-organised it but was a fantastic support on the day; setting up the marquee and helping set up the stalls, as well as watching my stall while I went for a quick break. Legend.
I took some pictures of my work, as I am really pleased with the way I set it up.

I used lots of old boxes and a suitcase as props as well as some of my collection of Antique embroidered table linens.

I used a hand mirror for folks to look at themselves, especially useful for earrings I found.

All my packaging is made from recycled card (circulars, leaflets, magazine cover etc), then I add labels with my logo to the front and hey presto, they are ready.
We had some official pictures taken by the Echo...eek! So look out for those if you are local (sorry South Korea).

Tomorrow I am taking a collection of my products to a fabulous little boutique gallery in Southbourne called Coastal Creatives who are interested in stocking a range of exciting!

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