Sunday, 8 January 2012

Creative Friends

I was very lucky this Christmas and got to spend lots of time with a very dear friend: Laura. She lives in Thailand, so I rarely get the chance to see her, and when she is usually back she is rushed of her feet with visits and commitments.
We have such a lot in common it's crazy, and she inspires me so much I can't even begin to tell you. I credit Laura for bringing back into my life something that I had lost: me. I met her when I was not long back from a 5 year overstayed holiday in the Caribbean and I had no clue who I was, I was so 'out of it'. Laura breezed in as a new Teaching Assistant and I instantly fell in love with her, she is such a free spirit and so full of love and laughter...just my kinda person.

So this Christmas I wanted to give something back, I decided we would have a creative session together. While her beautiful daughter Laela slept for a couple of hours we got out all my Art equipment and took over the dining table for a mega session on Art Journals, (Laela did join in when she woke up):

It was a great day.
We ate Cambodian noodle soup for lunch, pizza and salad for dinner, drank ridiculous amounts of tea and played with Laela lots. We felt a bit housebound later so decided to go out for chocolate bars at the adventure in itself!

Do you have any friends who inspire you?
Love, me x

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