Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Life in Specs

I have worn glasses 'full time' since I was 11. I used to hate them, but now they are a part of me I would find hard to change. I got some new glasses today, they were such a bargain - £25. I usually find it so hard to choose frames as I have to wear them all the time and get really picky about how it will go with all my looks (Teacher, Mum, Artist, Zumba enthusiast, etc), but this time it was so easy...I just shopped in the men's section! The lady-helper came up to me and tried to usher me to the women's, but I was, I like these ones. She thought me nuts.

So I wore them as soon as they were ready, and had to wait a week for them which was hard. But as soon as I got home I remembered a photo of me my sister put on FB...when I was the same specs!

Ok, so maybe they were a tad bigger back in the past.

I love the jumper I was wearing and want it now but what was I thinking with those earrings, and check out my attitude - I was so unhappy back then! haha...not the me I am now.

Ooo and check out my decorative bloggings today, inspired by a new blog I am reading here

Love, me x

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