Saturday, 14 January 2012

Resolution Update

Today is Saturday and I am quite happily pottering around the house, listening to Tony Blackburn's Pick of the Pops. It's 1981, and the music is so amazing: John Lennon - just like starting over, Barbara Streisand - woman in love, Stevie Wonder, The Specials, Adam and the Ants - ant music....a mad mix, things must have been so confusing that year.
Makes me think about my little life then, I was 7 and things were in turmoil in my life: my Mum and Dad were going though a hideous breakup and we had nowhere but my Nan's box room to live (three of us), but I remember lots of that year as so happy...I guess I was a kid and was in my kid-bubble.

Part of my pottering today has been to 'write lettres and post things', one of my resolutions. I have three to post, so better head off and get stamps :)

Over my shoulder you can see the cat card my aunty Linda sent me, she beat me to the first letter of the year. Do you write letters?


P.s, Number one in whatever week it was in 1981 was John Lennon - Imagine

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