Saturday, 28 January 2012

the first ever Re:Loved giveaway (eep!)

Yups it's giveaway time people.
I hope you have been liking my new collection of hearts, I have had lots of positive feedback about them face to face which is loverly. I thought it would be a great time to have a giveaway to say thanks for all your support both of my blog and creative persuits in general.
Sooo....friends, family, blog/  twitter/ facebook chums you are all welcome to join in to win one of my most poular art cards:

You can decide to send it or keep it for framing...I won't tell anyone :)

Here are the rules for the giveaway:
1. Leave a comment below, tell me if you will be sending a valentine this year

Optional extras for more chance of winning:
2. 'like' my facebook group then come back and leave a comment to say you have done so
3. follow me on twitter, then come back and comment
4. visit my etsy shop and come back to tell me which item is your favorite
5. follow this blog, and leave a comment

These are a lot of options, you don't have to do them all...
I will pick a random winner this time next week, and your card will be on it's way to you in time for Valentines.

Love, me x


  1. These hearts are such a sweet idea! You can tell that some serious time and energy went into each of them. Nice work!

    I think I have the intention of sending Valentines each year but I'm always a little slow to the post office. I guess I just hate waiting in line.

    1. Oh hi! Thank you for your kind comments. Soounds like the post office is a busy place where you live, is everyone crazy for writing letters and stuff? :)

  2. Hi Nicola.
    I will be making a massive effort this year, starting by sending a Valentines day card to my boyfriend who, as we know, is epically awesome. Just like you in fact, but a bit more useful with a drill and a circular saw.
    If I don't win your 1st giveaway that is OK. I may have to actually BUY one from you instead - loving your Etsy store and my fave is "All you need is love" (see - proof I visited!).
    See you soon,
    Anna x
    PS This is my first comment on your blog which I have been reading / stalking for ages. Exciting times!

    1. Oh Anna...this was a very happy-making comment.

      Blog reading is a bit like stalking but its all ok as long as you say hello sometimes. You might even win! x x

  3. I don't even know why I just found out about your giveaway, via twitter! probably because I've had little blog-reading time recently! Your cards are so pretty! I won't be sending any valentines this year, but I if I'm lucky enough to win your pretty card, I shall (selfishly!) keep it all to myself! Haha. Hope you're well lovely, and keeping warm and toasty! Axx

    1. ah but you found out in the end and that's what counts. I am at present utterly toasty having just had a bath and earlier turned my heating up to full...might have to open a window! Fingers crossed for you x x :]

  4. I absolutely love your blog (as I always say). A lot of work went into these, as one lady commented before, and it shows. Fantastic idea. I'm not commenting to win. I just can't be silent about the awesomeness of your creativity anymore! :P So, I'm just stopping by to say "hello" and *wave*.

    My fav piece in your Esty shop is "Never Gonna Give You Up", because I use to "Rick-Roll" my friends before it became a "Rick-Roll". So it reminds me of that, and it just a bloody good quote. :)

  5. Fank you sweetie...I remember getting Rick Astley's album for my birthday 11 or 12 I think. I love cheesy love songs X x X

  6. Hellooo Miss T.!
    Think my other half would fall over with shock if I gave him a Valentine's card! Loving the lyric hearts - got any Wham?!! (Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the classroom...!) Heh heh! Have a good w/end :)

    1. haha me finks I know who you are...and Wham, yes that is a darnit good idea x


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