Sunday, 1 January 2012

year in Review 2011 - Photography

I took hundreds of photographs this year, and (apart from the Cambodia pictures) have collaged my favorites. I long for a new camera more than anything but until the bank balance looks healthier it's not going to happen. Instead I push my little digital-with-real-batteries crappy camera to the limit, as well as using my blackberry camera when desperate. I then go about processing them online and fiddling in Publisher until they are ready to post and share.
Here are the ones you may not have seen but I love to look back at, and am proud to have clicked:

Some comon themes are: textures, lettering, reflective surfaces, people, light and colour.

I look forward to my photography journey in 2012...

What do you like to capture through the lense?
Love, me x


  1. What a great photo collage! Hope 2012 is just as awesome :)

  2. Thanks Lindsay, it's great to get feedback!
    I am positive it will be a good year, onwards and upwards is the only way... :]


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