Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Starry Portait DIY

Hello Starshine!
I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Picnik, so I probably broke it and that is why they are closing it. Seriously, I am practially married to it, and am not going to take the  divorce and separation well! They are closing the doors in April but until then all premium content is freeeeeeeee.

So...get down there and solar system portrait yourself with gay abandon! I recently caught a DIY of this on a blog, and had a go. I have added a few more examples of the steps needed to make it happen.
Here's how:

1. Take a picture of yourself against a white or very light background, in good strong light.

2. Upload the picture to Picnik.

3. Go to basic edits and adjust the exposure and contrast until you get it nice and dark, crop it too if you need to (you want just the liht background showing).

4. Change it to B&W.

5. Go to the 'seasonal' tab at the top, and pick 'Final Shuttle Launch'

6. Have a play with the settings in 'Space Textures'.

Try some other pictures. A different pose creates a different narrative:

Fun fun fun!

Do you use Picnik?
Which programs do you use to play with photos, I love to discover new ones.

Love, me x


  1. Oh goodness! I want a starry portrait of me!! I am a sucker for galaxy images - I really want a pair of those gorgeous star print leggings you can get, but my thighs are not things that need attention drawing to them! haha. This is so cool though! Thankyouuu for enlightening me! -adds it to weekend to-do list- I'm a bit lazy with my photo editing, just a few tweaks on iPhoto, though I've got photoshop elements on my laptop (planning on getting full photoshop when I get to art school so I can get educational discount on it! and then learn to use it!) haha. <3

    1. Oh I hear you on Photoshop...scares me quite a lot, even though I used to use it at Art school and should be a BIT familiar. It is soooooo good though. I look forward to your picture fanciness when you get there :) x n x

  2. That is awesome! Sorta thing I play around with. However, Photoshop is my baby, you can do so many amazing things with it. Once you get into it, it's easy. There are a TON of YouTube vids on how-tos.

    1. I used to have Photoshop at college and now don't have Macs in my life...sob sob


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