Thursday, 2 February 2012

There is no such thing as a bad day...

I have had a crud of a day. Well not really a day but a single moment in the day threatened to turn it all to crud. I am usually a very positive person, not much can shake me. But I work with teenagers so you can imagine this gets tested a LOT, sometimes much more than others and it can come from seemingly nowhere. I had a run in with an angry young person today and it really got to me, made me really angry. this is what makes me not a great teacher; I take too much to heart.
How happy was I to get home and read blogs, answer = tres.
I not only read lots of blogs to cheer me up, but forced myself to go out for a run and felt a million squillion times better.
As I was reading, came accross this little challenge, thought I'd hop on board and take the focus back to the positive.

The idea is that you share on your blog, or twitter, or wherever you like...three things you are grateful for at the end of each day in February ( I hate typing February, it feels so awkward). Here are mine for today, which I have tweeted and also will write them in my art journal:

1. the aching feeling in my body after a long run
2. a warm and cozy house on a bitterly cold night
3. blogs - I love them so much and they inspire me even on the most awful of days, today it's My Girl Thursday (who has herself been inspired by Sarah Rooftops.)

You can join in too: post your three things anywhere you like, if you use twitter tag them with the hash code #3thingsfebruary (grr there you go again darn feb).

Feel free to add your below...x


  1. Sorry to hear about your day! I take a lot of things to heart too, which makes me worry that I'm going to struggle with teaching, but I'm hoping I'll toughen up someday! At least it's nearly the weekend! Ax

    1. ah ha, we simultaniously chat here and on Twitter...aren't we technological? Teaching is a very emotional job I have to say, highs and lows and utter frustration at many times. But I love it for all those reasons, makes me feel alive and connected...:) x

    2. Haha! You bet we are ;)
      Yes! It must be a wonderful feeling to have a chance to make an impact on someone's life - for all the people that shout and get angry, if you inspire just one person, then it must be worth it :) I hope that someday I get to try it! :) xx

    3. you will I reckon, and for every one you inspire another hates your actual guts...and mostly wants to kill you (erm, I mean me...cos I can be quite harsh and strict in my job) #boundaries

  2. 1. Was inspired by you to come here and feel positive, and type it. :P
    2. I was given a card of congratulations for all my hard work today by a manager. Also a paid lunch by Lancome for congratulating the team and I for reaching our goals, and hard work.
    3. I'm grateful for having such a fantastic boyfriend.

    The End.

  3. Can I have five? Oh ok, thanks!


    4. Even though it wasn't today, I'm grateful for the lovely letter I received from you and Olivia. LOVED it!
    5. Also for my feet, for getting me through a busy, busy day. ><!

    1. ahhh good gratitude my lovely. And well done for doing so well in your job, that sounds awesome! Would I EVER get that kind of praise for my work....nope. Enjoy it to the max x x

  4. Dear Nicola
    You are only human and well it is ok to get angry. There is no such thing as a perfect teacher!! He or she does not exist!! Since I have started teaching this year I have learned so much and I know I will continue to learn until the day I stop!! Don't be too hard on yourself! Just try to learn from what happened. I have also heard the comment that if you shout as a teacher then you are not a good teacher, but it often comes from people who are not teachers!! Think of all the kids you have helped and I am sure it is alot more than the ones you haven't been able to reach. And who knows the angry kid might think about what you just takes a bit of time!!!!

    I am also reading at the moment a book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, "How to talk so kids can learn at home and in school". It gives some interesting ideas on how to deal with "angry kids etc". Anyway love the blog!! Yesterday did my first class of Zumba!!!!! It was great!! love you take care Amanda xx

    1. Just caught this comment and it seems like ages ago now that I had this bad day. I learnt a lot from it actually. Mostly about how to come up with new strategies to deal with negativity and poor behaviour. I have 'tightened up' on all my classes and got myself really organised, I always feel better when I am right on top of everything. When this bad day happened I had let a few things get on top of me. Things look better now :)
      Love you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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