Monday, 16 April 2012

♥ ABC of me ♥

Hi Gang! (I always wanted a cool gang, not like Cool AND the Gang tho)
I thought I should probably start working on my 'about me' page above, and thought this would be fun to link in to it. I saw it over on Mandy's blog. I really like her 'about me' section. So here y'are...some info about me:
  • A= Available - Yes. Still waiting for my Rom-Com man. (trying not to sound desperate, like YES!!! Oh god, did I eff this activity up already?)
  • B= Best Friend - All my friends are best in many ways, they all inspire me.
  • C= Cake or pie - Cake, every time and all the time (if I could fix a few rules about calories and stuff).
  • D= Drink of choice - Tea if I'm being good, Rum+Coke when I fell like being bad.
  • E= Essential item you use everyday - Laptop, camera.
  • F= Favorite color - at the mo it's deep red and bottle green, but always has been blue.
  • G= Gummy bears or worms - what?
  • H= Hometown - I was born in Yorkshire but grew up in London. I'm gonna say Edmonton, North London. COYS!
  • I= Indulgences - medium Costa Light with hazelnut sugar free syrup and a pack of wafers >YUM< As many times a week as I can afford.
  • J= January or February - February = love and lots of commissions.
  • K= Kids and Names - (Olivia), name taken from my Mum's middle name (Olive) and my lovely Aunt Olive. Middle name is Eve taken from my Grandma Evelyn -  I love this name.
  • L= Life is incomplete without? - my connection to a Higher Power that I call God. I am deeply spiritual and could bore you to tears with my philospohical musings.
  • M= Marriage date - er, if I were to get married it would be Spring, under some blossom heavy trees.
  • N= Number of siblings - 1 sister, Samantha. Lives in da USA. And still cannot do a decent American accent *tut*
  • O= Oranges or apples - oh apples. I declared my love of apples in my yoof. They are always my fave fruit, even if I do eat my body weight in bananas daily.
  • P= Phobias or Fears - I have worked hard not to have these, if I do feel afraid I try to learn what is going on for me and work through it with love and compassion for myself. I do however have a weird phobia of squashy foam stuff - ew!
  • Q= Favorite Quote - 'Be the change you wish to see in the world' Mahatma Gandhi. I am a big fan of quotes but this one always makes me think about my actions.
  • R= Reason to smile - My daughter makes me laugh a lot, like no-one else can really.
  • S= Season - Spring or Autumn. I like the changing seasons. They make me feel part of the whole living experience.
  • T= Tag 3 or 4 people - I have no idea how to do that. If you know, let me know...
  • U= Unknown fact about me - when I was little my teacher thought I was an actual genius-child and I had to have some IQ tests that showed I had a photographic memory.
  • V= Vegetable you don't like - I LOVE veg so much, they are my favorite food (especially cabbage). But I can't stand tinned french beans, or potatoes. Seriously I cannot think of one veg I don't like.
  • W= Worst habit - picking the skin around my nails. I might be doing it now too.Don't judge.
  • X= X-rays - Pregnancy ones, a broken arm one, one foot one and teef ones.
  • Y= Your favorite food - If I am being good, see above. If I am being bad, glazed donuts...oh lord! Even better dunked in coffee.
  • Z= Zodiac Sign - Scorpio.


  1. I love this... Can I steal??? phobia of squashy foam stuff haha love that!!

    1. Tis only sharing, not stealing! Of course. I got it from another blog anyway :)


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