Sunday, 22 April 2012

...Kid Art...

Hallo buddies! I love to watch students develop creative skills, and when I say creative I don't mean hours and hours of pencil drawing and shading (which is an important skill but for young people is creatively very limiting, but sadly is still used in schools A LOT and frustrates the crapola out of me as I have to teach it!). I would much rather be helping them to make creative choices about layers, lettering, colour, placement, composition, style, materials etc...which I get to do luckily with my Textiles Design students. I have a Year 11 group just finishing, a Year 10 group about to start their first major coursework piece, and two Year 9 groups (although they do half Textiles Design and half Textiles Technology...very technical but just means creative-textiles or product-design-textiles). The work I am showing you today comes from a Year 9er. She lacks confidence most of the time, gets frustrated ALL the time, but inbetween creates utter masterpieces that are a joy to behold. I love to look though her sketchbook so thought you might like to too.

This is part of a regular feature (yep I just decided this as I type) called Kidart, where I showcase student work that I like and think you will enjoy too :)

This girl is 13. I couldn't have made these kind of brave marks at that age! She doesn't even realise the choices she has made, it is natural to her. In a sense she's just doodling, but some pretty hot doodling if you ask me.
What was your art education like at school?

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