Friday, 13 April 2012

Grandma's House

Hi Friend! Long time no see. I have been galavanting up and down this rock over Easter, visiting family an friends so please forgive the lack of blog posts. I have been feeling pretty uninspired to write or read blogs for a little while, but I recognised this as my need to have a break from it all. I have recharged the batteries (and watched all three seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix), and feel just about ready to share some of my travel stories.

First up - a Looooong overdue visit to my Grandma in Cambridge.
Most people call her Mrs G, Mother or Ellen. I have always called her Nanny. She is an absolute force of nature, strong like you can't believe in mind, body and spirit. Grew up in poverty in Hoxton, lived through the Blitz in East London. Had 5 children (two of which died in adulthood - one of which was my Dad). Took in countless waifs and strays over the years including my Mum, me and my sister when we fled my Dad's violence, alcoholism and adultery - she always supported us.
She lived with my very poorly Grandad until his death earlier this year, and he was not exactly an angel, more like a lovable rogue. She cared for him selflessly for years. She is an absolute inspiration, and this is only half of the story!

I took a few pitures around her house, to remind me of my visit and also as I have long been fascinated by her and want to document as much as possible.

I was so pleased to find her in high spirits. Full of love and laughter, generous as ever - and with a new spring in her step from her new found freedom. In her own words she is going to - live her life exactly the way she wants to. This will perhaps be the first time she has been able to do just that.

I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life, and especially in my family.
Do you have any inspirational people in yours?

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