Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week in Pictures

Oh hi! I took photos like a demon this week, and have lots to share with you. Apologies in advance for the sheer MASS of photos posted but I get excited seeing them all up on the blog and collaged together - a visual slice through time. The first one shows some gorgeous coasters my friends Amy sent me recently, and who also inspired this post as she does one every week. It was a pretty busy one this week with a trip to London that made me feel like a right tourist. I used to live in London as a child, and later as a student and I know full well Londoners think tourists are pretty uncool. But the kids inspired me to take them dashing around to see the sights, they were amazed I had the 'knowledge'. Ready? ok, here goes:

Mashed banana on toast with cinnamon. Week 1 of the WW challenge. The light though my curtains. Starting a quilt. Something I was meant to photograph but ate.  Hail upon hail. Charity shop finds. Pretty flower growing in my classroom. Porridge with grated apple, sultanas and cinnamon. Rain. Beads. Drawing birds. Cheese and cress sandwich. Hackney. Red lights. Under a bridge. Barge on the Lea Valley. Barge on Lea Valley2. Wall art in Hackney. Stripey dress. London from above. Eros. Piccadilly ( I say Gherkin). M&M store. Waiting in the rain. Olympic clock, Trafalgar Square. V&A roof. These boots were made for walking....and they did!

Have you had a good week?
Did you ever go on a school trip? Oh really...where did you go?

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