Saturday, 14 April 2012

a Spring Wedding

Hi again chums!
Following on from my travel tales of yesterday I wanted to share a few snaps I took at my cousin's wedding in Essex. It was such a happy occasion, full of love and laughter, hope and funky dancing. Weddings are such fantastic times to see people at their best and its great to catch up with family and friends sometimes from such a long time ago it is frightening! One cousin I saw there I hadn't spoken to or even seen since the 1980s, for flip-sake!

I had a great time. Here are some of my highlights:

Outfit details for me: dress (gift from Moma), tights H&M £2.99, shoes Ebay £10.00 = bargain! Nails by my Mum :) are great. I am a massive fan of positivity and I defy anyone to not be uplifted after witnessing two people declare their commitment to each other. I feel the same after a good rom-com...speaking of which I watched The Switch last night, and it is so lovely - I defo recommend you watch it. Especially since it is such a dreary day today. I got it through Netflix (which we are loving in our house)!

How do you like to catch up with family? Do you have giant get-togethers...I'd love that.


  1. Some things:

    I love your hair! (it's so long! gosh!) super jealous.
    I love your nails!! I bit all mine off this week... sigh!
    I have never been to a wedding! I feel like I'm missing out on the uplifted commitment feeling!

    I love a good rom-com :) We don't really have get-togethers in our family, there's only really Mum, Dad and Me and we see each other all the time! haha.


    1. Oh are just like my daughter with the biting of the nails. I know it is hard to give that up, but I love painting mine so much (or rather persuading my Mum to do mine) that I could never bite them.
      Maybe you should become a wedding-watcher. They have them in Barbados where I used to live, just ladies who like to hang around at churches waiting for weddings and then getting involved. Actually I might do that :) x N x


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