Friday, 27 April 2012

Hey gang!
I'm back with another inspiration poster, to keep you busy while I am away. This one is a longer quote. I have heard/ read parts of it in different places before and never knew they all linked together. Imagine being able to say all these words, right out of your mouth? Beggars belief. But thank God she did, they are some seriously good ones.

Amen to that!
As I said yesterday, feel free to save and share, print or pass on. I believe in the power of giving and sharing, of passing on our knowledge and wisdom. I try to live and breathe my spiritual beliefs. This one takes time for me to give in to it. Part of my brain resists the message. I have to work harder to achieve this. Something to aim for and to work towards is a good driving force.
Do you have any quotes that inspire you?

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