Sunday, 15 April 2012

big architecture

Well hello!
Today I want to share my love of architecture. I get very inspired by looking at all sorts of buildings from warehouses in grungy back-streets to pristine sky-scrapers that look fresh-out-of-the-packet perfect. There is something so special about massive buildings. The grand scale of them makes me feel so small. The engineering of them makes me feel simple and inadequate - they take my breath away. There are not many man-made things in this world that I can honestly say I love (apart from camera's, oh and cars and erm maybe chairs?) but I do so love me some big old buildings.
Olivia and I took a trip to Canary Wharf in the Easter break, and we were not disappointed. I have only ever passed through on the DLR, but have never stopped of and had a wander round. It was great fun. Olivia summed it up very succinctly (she's 12 by the way):
I felt so small there, and like time had stopped. It felt like we were in the future, in a bubble and everyone was rushing past us.
She has a way with the words, does my baby.
I took lots of photos and have been having fun getting creative with them, which I haven't felt like doing for ages and I really enjoyed. Here are some that make the shortlist:

 I wonder if you have any giant structures near where you live and if they inspire you ? Have you ever been to the Docklands in London?

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