Sunday, 29 April 2012

...Outfit Post...Louche Love

I is back! Ahhh tis good to be back on home turf. The seagulls they missed me. I know my cat missed me because he has NOT stopped meowing since I stepped in the door. It's good to be loved.

On a school trip to the V&A I wore a dress I bought last week in a Charity Shop, thought I might as well show it off here. The print was the first thing I noticed, then the detailing, then the price: £4.99 - you MINE, dress.
I got it home and checked the label, had not heard of it before (I am so uncool when it comes to labels, I still only get excited when I see an old yellowing label from the 70s). The company is Louche, a high street-designer label. And it seems I got a bargain as new it would have been £50 to 60! Yes! I am now saving up the pennies for this dress...and then practically all the other ones.
I love it - have a look:

Outfit Details:
Dress - Louche (£4.99 to me)
Cardigan - £15.99 Zara
Leggings - £4.99 Primark
Boots - gift from ma Mama
Skinny belt - £2.99 Primark (pack of three)
Bag - from a fwend
Glasses - £25.99 from mens cheap range at Specsavers haha

I do neeeed glasses all the time, but don't like paying lots for them *cough* or anything for that matter. The mens range has some cool frames that I like, so why not? Of course the staff there think I am 'challenged' but hey...

So, yeah. Did I mention this dress is a (hu-hum) size 12. I'm ok with you knowing that because I am well chuffed to be able to say it :)

The V&A was amazing by the way. We went to see this exhibition. The way it was presented, set up, was incredible; I've actually never seen a better exhibition (in terms of layout) in my life probably, except at the British Museum, all their layouts are breathtakingly awesome.

Some things I got to see at the exhibition that took my ruddy breath away:
The Calyx print by Lucienne Day.
This one by Terrance Conran.
This painting by David Hockney.
This stage costume designed for and worn by Sir David of Bowie. I was amazed by the construction - made from one piece of woven wool fabric!
And this one for Mr (sexy-although-not-in-this) Brian Ferry. Ok maybe still sexy in it. It was TINY.

Lots of other things too on this action packed weekend that I will share as soon as I have got over the stress and exhaustion of teenage girls high on sugar and Urban Outfitters!

Have you seen any good exhibitions lately?


  1. Congratulations on getting a serious bargain there!! hehe :)

    regards to the crochet blanket - I cannot crochet AT ALL, but my mum assures me its easy, she had a basic knowledge and just looked at tutorials for granny squares on youtube, wool-wise, we've been buying it as we go, and using up scraps etc, we used super cheapy DK yarn, 100% acrylic, in various different colours, but I'm not sure how many she's got through, we didn't keep count! Our blanket is to go on our sofa, it's fifteen squares wide, by fifteen deep. Ahhh, I haven't really been much help! Sorry lovely!

    Hope you're well! Axx

    1. That IS actually very helpful and I am about to go and tell you so via Twitter x x
      I am well indeed, cannot complain although I do. I am always so busy yet never seem to have enough time grr :)


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