Thursday, 26 April 2012

words to inspire

Hi friends...
I have been feeling all serene and lovely lately - I blame Yoga entirely for this. I went this evening and it makes me feel so happy, calm in mind and body and uplifted and energised spiritually. I have been looking for ages for a Yoga class that is really great and I finally have. This is a big thing in my life, otherwise I wouldn't mention it here. I used to go to an amazing Yoga Institute in South London when I was a student there. I had this amazingly kind but brutal teacher Glynnis who would shuffle and poke you around like a piece of clay - but when she was done, I felt amazingly aligned an in the best version of each pose. She always made tea and biscuit after, and sometimes used to feed my (obviously starving face) veggie curry that she had made for her dinner. Bless. I feel so blessed to have met her, she was such a lovely woman.
In the spirit of all that is spirit, I have been making some little inspiration posters to put up on my blog from time to time and you can save and print off if you like them too. I'll share them out over a period of time, cos, you know, I'm lazy like that.

We actually ARE stardust. When I found this out I did a proper 'Whoa!'.
This phrase goes around in my head all the time. I love it.
If you like it too you can right click and save it - print it or whatever. It is my image, I designed it. So I can say that with gay abandon.

I am off on a school jolly tomorrow to the Olympic Village in Stratford, London. It will be fun and I'll make sure I snap away ready to share when I return. I'll probably be tweeting like a liddle birdie, so follow me if you want to @nicola_reloved
See you on the flipside x
P.s if you could keep in mind my mission below - I would be slightly in love with you :)

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  1. I really wanted to love yoga, I went to a class a few times when I was in sixth form, but it just wasn't for me! (I think it didn't help that I'd go straight from a long gym session and was exhausted!) my mum loves her yoga class though... Have fun at the Olympic Village! Totally off to vote for you!! (couldn't recommend the 550 more, everyone should have one!) xx


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