Saturday, 4 February 2012

and the winner is...

It's results day! I am so excited to be giving away one of my works of art. At first I thought 'oh my lord, no-one is going to enter' but they have:

There were a whole 5 entrants. (I like to think quality more than quantity applies here, right friends?) Here they are above.
I employed a very fair method of selection: eeny meenie miney mo. And the winner is.....

Congratulations Miss Chantilly!! :)

I was feeling generous, so decided I would also award a prize to the runner up, which was:

Yay for Amy!! (By the way you should check out Amy's Blog here.)

And then I decided that as there are only 5 entrants, I am going to award everyone the same prize! So well done everyone who entered :)
I will be contacting you all in the next week to arrange getting those prizes in your loving hands.

As for the rest of my weekend, I will be working on two commissions for delivery on Monday, spending some quality time with the wee-un, hitting the gym and visiting my Mumski.
What are your plans?
Love, me x


  1. Aw, how lovely are you! And what a cool name Thursday has! x

    1. I am quite lovely aren't I? I agree. And yes the coooolest name indeed...chantilly cream is one of my favorite things to eat, yum! Bad for the hips tho (sad face) :] x

  2. Haha! this is so cool :D I hope you're having a nice weekend! :D I've spent half mine at work, and the other half will be spent organising, drawing and maybe playing in the snow ;) Axx

    1. I have spent the day fiddling with my blog widths and made a favicon as well as my tabs. Oh my life rocks! Erm but to me that is majorly fun. But I want snow!! :)


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