Monday, 20 February 2012

---Outfit Post - Sunday flowers---

Hellooooo friends :)
I have a new favorite outfit - and have worn it lots lately (I do this a lot, have a new favorite and then wear it over and over, kinda like watching a new favorite movie over and over till it gets old). Seriously. I don't think this outfit will get old!
I have been reading this blog, lots of advice on photography for outfit posts - very helpful. I had my trusty 12 year old take the shots as she is about the same height as a tripod, with the added bonus of being boss-around-able helpful :)

Outfit details:
Dress - handmade by me
Jacket - Charity shop sale rail £1 (vintage 70s M&S)
Belt - Charity shop £1
Boots - Birthday present from my Mumski

I love the short sleeves on the jacket and the crazy flower/ paisley design on the dress. If only my assistant could be bossed trained to take close-ups...

Please excuse the fact that I have just come out of a swimming pool session and look a bit bedraggled :) Otherwise, I love the backdrop. Elsie's advice is basically find a handful of cool backdrops near you that look good in outfit posts, this one wins for me.

So, if you see me in this outfit you know why...I am in love with it!
Do you know where this is??

What is your favorite outfit of the mo?
Love, me x


  1. I love the backdrop! (Elsie's advice is fab isn't it?! Everytime I get the bus to work, I spend the journey peering out of the window for interesting looking walls! haha) Your dress is amazing! You made it yourself?! Serious kudos to you! I really really want to try dressmaking - but I'm a bit scared of the idea! I want to make myself some floaty flowery trousers! xx

    1. seriously...I hate dressmaking most of the time, it is just so fiddly and you have to be way too precise for my messy-on-purpose (honestly) skills. Ditto to the wall-coveting, glad I am not the only one! x N x

  2. Hmm, 70's looking architecture - looks like the outside of the Dolphin Swimming Pool maybe? Definitely Poole anyway! Not been there for yonks! x

    1. YES! You got it! There is no prize but you win the satisfaction of winning, which is the best prize of all :) x


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