Sunday, 26 February 2012

Art Journal Update

It has been ages since I showed you into my little Art Journal home. This is a book that I keep all my ideas, notes, meeting appointments, drawings etc in. It is literally and art journal in those exact terms. I make Art out of what I find myself journaling about, thoughts and feelings as well as just sorting my head out. IN fact, this is what the inside of my brain looks like. I hope you think its as pretty as I do :]

I last shared it when I started it in the summer (you might want to check this post out, or this one if you are not shown them at the end). I have now finished my journal - which I thought would terrify me but I have plans for the next one which I am very excited by, and will obviously share with y'all.

Here are some of my favorite pages, I'll be sharing more later in the week. With each one I'll try and remember materials used in case this is helpful or interesting to you:

papers, watercolour, felt pens, pencil, printed papers, brown ink, biro, sellotape
old lists, felt pens, various papers and receipts, envelope, oil pastels, craft foam print using acrylic paint
black ink, tin foil, papers, craft foam print using acrylic paint, papers, receipts, sewing machine, felt pens with water, biro
black pen
felt pens, watercolour, maps, black pen, biro, watercolour pencils, brusho dyes, bleach
pencil, black pen, felt pens, maps, stickers, watercolour, white chalk
handout from a meeting (on caring for your back at work), biro, stamp, letter stamps, inside envelope, white acrylic, fabric
stamps, letter stamps, paper, receipts, craft foam stamp, watercolour, acrylic paint, sellotape, washi tape, lace, inside envelope, tipex pen, felt pens, pencil
pencil, black pen, felt pen, envelope, masking tape

You can see from those lists that I use a LOT of materials and processes or sometimes I keep it simple. I am learning a lot about how processes and materials work together though Art Journaling. I love making those choices and seeing how things work, its important to be brave and try things out...remember these are the highlights, there are some crud awful pages in there too :)
Sometimes I hate hate hate it, then I leave it to come back and can see a way to make a page work again. I learn about me through this work and that is why you see very personal messages in there, these are intentions at the time - quiet whisperings to myself (or loud shouts, like the one above).

How do you learn about you?
Love, me x

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